Café Lingua was started with the purpose of fulfilling a two-fold mission, to provide a centralized location for language learners to learn from each other and to provide a global discussion space for disparate communities to engage with one another.

That is why our slogans are:

  • Café Lingua - a taste of language.
  • Café Lingua - a safe place for dangerous conversations.

We are both an online and offline language learning community.

While we are still in development, we have already launched our subreddit called r/PronunciationStation. r/PronunciationStation is a community dedicated to improving your accent as a language learner or your impressions as a voice actor. You can 1. Rate An Accent, 2. Guess An Accent, or 3. Request An Accent.

Watch this video for an explanation of how it works and then come improve your accent today at r/PronunciationStation.