Today we have launched r/PronunciationStation, which is a subreddit focused on improving your pronunciation as either a foreign language speaker or a voice actor. You can get feedback on your accent requesting help with your Spanish accent, Colombian Spanish accent, your Christopher Walken impression, etc.

To start off, there will be three primary purposes of r/PronunciationStation, which you can read more about in our community guidelines. The guidelines will give you more specifics as to how redditors are supposed to participate. The three purposes of r/PronunciationStation are:

  1. Rate My Accent - Request users rate you on a 1-5 scale with 5 being native-sounding and 1 being barely comprehensible.
  2. Guess My Accent - Request users guess which accent you're imitating.
  3. Request An Accent - Request users record an accent for you.

Hope to see you around on r/PronunciationStation!